Alfie’s Feet  by  Shirley Hughes  


    The Alfie stories are a funny and realistic picture of family life, there are plenty of books to choose from and all are illustrated by the author Shirley Hughes.  The observations of childhood are so detailed you will recognise something from the family in the story that is exactly like your own.

Alfie is a pre-school boy with a little sister called Annie Rose and in this story, Alfie gets a new pair of yellow boots after getting his feet wet jumping in puddles.

image                                                                           image

There is so much in this story as every page is full of Illustration showing a moment of family life.  Annie Rose playing on her potty, Alfie playing in the park jumping in puddles, drying your toes by the fire, new shoes in a new box, the untidy kitchen, the cup of tea and Dad reading his paper on the park bench, while Alfie finally discovers his new boots feel funny, because he put them on the wrong feet.

I always loved reading these Alfie stories because they felt happy, and it was very easy to relate to the family and their untidy home, and the funny things Alfie and Annie Rose did.  Once you read one of these books you will be hooked, I recently bought Shirley Hughes Treasury just so I could read about Alfie again and my children, are……….no longer children!


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