By  Martin Waddell

Illustrated by Barbara Firth

Can’t You Sleep, little Bear? Is a cozy bedtime book about Big Bear and Little Bear and is great for Dads because it is about a father trying to settle his son in bed for the night.  Its a nice change to have a story about the Dad, since its often usual for stories to be based around Mum!

 Big Bear thinks he has time to read while Little Bear goes to sleep after a busy day.  He is wrong of course because Little Bear can’t sleep since he is afraid of the dark.  Big bear tries to bring light into the cave with lanterns of ever increasing size.  After putting his book down three times Little Bear still can’t sleep, so his dad takes him by the hand out into the night where it is dark!

Little Bear is scared at first but is gently reassured there is nothing to fear, as Big Bear has brought him the moon and “all the twinkly stars.”  That does the trick,  little Bear is snugly sleeping in his Dad’s arms and back to the cave they go, where they sit together cozy by the fire and Big Bear can finish his book.

The Illustrations are lovely throughout the story and you get a real sense of the cozy fireside that Big Bear has to keep leaving, while the pictures of Little Bear show him to be cuddly and very much like a child who can’t settle for the night.

If you enjoy this book then try Let’s Go Home Little Bear by the same Author and Illustrator, it’s just as nice.


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