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Percy The Park Keeper Series

After The Storm is a great story to read when the wind is raging outside and the rain is noisy against the window!  Its always good to set the scene if its right outside your door.

Percy the Park Keeper looks after his friends in the park having lots of adventures along the way. A bad storm keeps Percy awake as he knows he will have lots of work to do the following day. The damage is bad, a great oak tree had been blown over and it was the home of Percy’s many animal friends. They are sad, the Illustration on this page is lovely showing the rabbits looking fed up and miserable.

Percy rallies everyone around, pops them in his wheelbarrow and goes in search of a new home in the pine wood, across the stream and in the lake, after a little accident.  They find just the place, everyone gets working under Percy’s guidance and the “best tree house” Percy has ever seen is built!

Then……you get to see it, a fold-out poster at the back of the book, just like a secret, it opens out to let you see the tree house too, and its full of little animals all over the page to search out and find.

The Illustrations in this book are plentiful, so many things to see that you find something new every time you read it. Kids will love it, they can spot the animals for you and its great fun too.  The story is positive and Percy becomes someone you want to hear more about because of his friendship with all the animals.

Percy The Park Keeper has many other adventures too in The Secret Path, One Snowy Night and The Rescue Party which are the first books from 1989, followed by many new tales since.  These books will last for many years for read aloud stories and for reading yourself when ready.

A little bit of The Tree House Picture!


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