Michael Morpurgo

Illustrated  by Christian Birmingham

I bought this book just because I liked the picture on the front cover even though my children were too old for picture books, I just had to have it!  I know there are guidelines for choosing books for ages and stages, but when you have a book as sweet as this one, everyone enjoys it.

Its about a Wombat, the one on the front cover, who goes wandering alone in the outback after digging a hole and losing his mother.  He meets kookaburra, Wallaby, Possum, Emu, Boy and Koala on his travels to find his mother,  but discovers smoke and fire instead.  Wombat uses his incredible digging skills to save his friends by digging a hole where they all sit safe and snug, as Wombat sings his digging song to keep them all happy

Mother is found and all is well as the animals come out again into the evening air.

There are Illustrations on every page in soft muted colours, the text is written on a matching parchment coloured paper, so the whole book gives a cozy warm feeling.

The story is set out to be read so each new animal is introduced on a new page with a picture to match, and you get a real sense of each animals behaviour from the words describing them.

The animals movements are described throughout the book as they are all proud of their own individual talents. Wombats love of digging however is thought of as nothing by the other animals, until Wombat saves the day.

Its a lovely book just to have on the bookshelf and children will love Wombat because he is cute and cuddly.  I think whoever reads this out loud to their children, will find it hard not to have lump in their throat when you see the picture on the last page!

Wombat Meets Boy


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