Christian Birmingham

    I first noticed Christian Birmingham’s beautiful artwork when I was gathering story books from my local library for my children. I came across the story of `Wombat goes Walkabout` by Michael Morpurgo, and instantly became hooked on sourcing all books by the artist who could illustrate such warm, beautiful and heartwarming pictures. We all loved them and I have read and purchased many … Continue reading Christian Birmingham


 By  Martin Waddell Illustrated by Barbara Firth Can’t You Sleep, little Bear? Is a cozy bedtime book about Big Bear and Little Bear and is great for Dads because it is about a father trying to settle his son in bed for the night.  Its a nice change to have a story about the Dad, since its often usual for stories to be based around Mum!  Big Bear thinks … Continue reading CAN’T YOU SLEEP LITTLE BEAR